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Management Service

In times where the property market is changing rapidly and new, onerous legislation is being introduced regularly, it is vital you have a modern and evolving property management service to minimise your stress and offer you the maximum protection.

Leverage our industry expertise, knowledge, technology, and resources through our end-to-end property management service. Our comprehensive service offering is outlined below.

Management of Your Tenants

One of the frustrating aspects of property management is liaising with tenants and dealing with challenging situations day-to-day. At H&L, we ensure that a senior member of staff is always on hand to oversee the management of your property in a professional manner.

Our team have over 15 years’ experience each on average and can expertly manage any situation or query which may arise in relation to your property.

Herbert & Lansdowne estate agent taking photographs as part of a property management service

Photographic Inventory & Condition Report

We use the leading photographic inventory and condition reporting system before, during, and after tenancies, for landlords availing of our ‘managed’ service.

This report creates a time and date stamped report of your property with geographic co-ordinates to show the location of the photos.

This system offers landlords the best level of protection if a dispute arises with a tenant regarding the condition of a property, or if the dispute is referred to the RTB for adjudication.

Property Inspections
Inspecting your property regularly is a key focus at H&L, and we have a dedicated agent for property inspections.
  • We will inspect your property after the first 6 months, and every 12 months thereafter to ensure your property is respected and its condition is maintained.

  • It allows the opportunity for us to identify any unreported maintenance required on your behalf, therefore mitigating unforeseen costs or damage for you.

  • You will be provided with a photographic inspection report so you can review the condition of your property during the tenancy, from the comfort of your home.

Key Holding Service

We will hold a set of keys for your managed property on your behalf.

This allows H&L to facilitate access to contractors for maintenance or allow a tenant back into the property if they lock themselves out, without inconvenience to you.

Maintenance Contractors

We have over 20 competitive and reliable independent maintenance contractors, with a long-standing relationship with H&L to support your property in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Our contractors are specialists across maintenance areas including plumbing, electrical, painting, appliance repairs, roofing, leak detection, and gardening.

  • To offer total peace of mind, we have a reliable 24-hour emergency maintenance company on standby to ensure emergencies at your property are dealt with quickly to mitigate damage and costs.
legal agreement for sale of property being signed

Rent Reviews

With growing restrictions on rent increases, we understand the importance of regularly conducting rent increases for your property.

We track the due date for your property’s rent review and conduct annual rent reviews, so your rent level remains in line with the market.

Lease Renewal

We will monitor your lease expiration date and contact your tenant in the lead up to the lease expiration to ascertain if they intend to remain at your property past the end of their lease.

We will discuss and advise you on your next steps, options, and legislation if your tenant is remaining in place – whether this will be a new 1-year fixed term lease or a Part 4 tenancy.

Rent Collection 

We will receive your rent on your behalf monthly into our client account, and track and monitor your rents. Acting quickly and efficiently is vital in ensuring that your tenant does not fall into rent arrears.

  • We will contact your tenant within 48 hours of the rent due date if your rent has not been received.
  • If the rent is not paid within a reasonable timeframe, we will issue the correct notice to your tenant to reduce the risk of further loss.

We will provide you with a monthly rent statement and will provide an annual income & expenditure statement to make your end of year tax returns as straightforward as possible.

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