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Making a Purchase? We Can Help With That

Not everyone is a property expert. Yet, when it comes to making one of the biggest investments of your life, most people go about it on their own. Have you thought about retaining the services of property experts to help you find the best solution for you?
Herbert & Lansdowne can help you in the following ways

Buying Consultation

We can provide you with expert advice on the property and/or area(s) you are considering, your approach to price and bidding. This gives you the comfort of knowing you are going about it the right way.

Sourcing Properties

You can use our Dublin property knowledge and connections to find exactly the property that is right for you, that matches your brief. We can even attend viewings on your behalf.

Assessing a Property

You can avail of our expertise to get an independent assessment of the property(ies) you are interested in, enabling you to make your bid with peace of mind and confidence.

Representing You in Negotiations

You’ve found the property you want, but aren’t familiar with the negotiating process. We can represent you and give you the benefit of our experience in these critical moments.

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